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The Ten Tails Of Arashi -- Prologue (Part 1)

Author's Note
I realize that this story is very risky, and is probably something that has never been attempted, so please read this before moving forward.
This tale involves two worlds, now I won't say which but I'm sure the first has already been discovered to you.
Keep in mind, the two worlds are real animes/TV shows, and I realize with Naruto's case, I may end up contradicting the actual chain of events in the manga/anime, there for I must remind my audience that this is a fanfiction, there for I am the one in control and if I do happen to either kill someone like, say, Tsunade, and she's not dead in the anime? Well, it's just a story. Or if I revive someone like, say, the third Hokage?
It's my tale, and it's truly just a fanfiction. I'm not predicting the events of the real story, oh no.
I'm taking it and giving it my own spin.
So please, enjoy this... new creation of mine.
And hey, if you like this and have yet to start reading
Pokemon: Lost Legends
Go flip over to that once your done
Thank you for your time

Prologue (Part 1)
The Separation of the Ten-Tails

Back before the formation of the Shinobi villages, there was a giant chakra beast known to all as the Ten-Tails. This monster loved to ravage the world, causing destruction to all that crossed its path. However, the beast was always at war with itself. The good chakra, known as Yang, would try it's best to beat the bad inside, known as Yin, but hatred was much stronger in the outside world, therefore, Yang always lost. It was during an inner battle, that the beast came across a strong opponet: the Sage of the Six Paths. The Sage confronted the Ten-Tails, and sealed the beast within himself, knowing fully well that upon his death, the beast will be unleashed upon the world once more. Not knowing what to do to fix that predicament, he left the newly founded ninja world, and went to visit his twin brother, who happened to be on the other side of the world.

Upon arriving at his brother's home, he told his tale to the quiet listener, and soon the younger twin came up with a plan to help his elder brother with his predicament. "Go meditate in the Eastern Air Temple," said the younger man with a knowing smile. "I am sure you will find your answers there." The Sage decided to listen to his twin, and departed to the Temple. He stationed himself in the very center, where the sky above was seen clearly, and nature surrounded on all sides, and very soon, the Sage found himself in a very deep meditative state.

The day went by and soon turned to night, and that night turned to day, and as the days went by, the Sage began to hear whispers in his head. It was the Ten-Tails from inside, trying to take control of the Sage's body from within. Yin spoke first, being the stronger of the two, and whispered seductively to the Sage, that he should just wait and let the next great Shinobi deal with the Ten-Tails once they were released, but the Yang soon found its voice, and battled against Yin, saying quite clearly that they should be separated once and for all into as many pieces as possible. The days turned to weeks, and the weeks turned to months, and still Yin & Yang fought for control in the Sage's mind. However, the Sage's younger twin knew that there was a spiritual battle, and sat beside his brother, refusing to leave his side for whatever reason, and every so often, he would call upon the elements to keep the Sage calm and try to quiet the war within.

With the help of the younger brother, and the peacefulness around them, Yang soon grew stronger than Yin, drowning out its voice, and becoming the only one the Sage could hear. And she spoke calmly to the Sage, telling him that he must separate them into 9 different forms, and send the body of the Ten-Tails as whole, into a place no one could reach, regardless of how hard they tried. With that, the Sage awoke with a jolt, to find his brother beside him to console the year long meditation. The Sage told his brother all that had happened, and was worried that perhaps the world he had bestowed upon with ninjutsu, would somehow find a way to merge the beast back into one. The younger brother calmed the Sage, and told him that as this side of the world's strongest person, he would indeed, ensure that it would never happen.

The twins journeyed together, to the border of the Shinobi world, and the border of the younger twins world. The Sage looked at his brother, and told him what he was about to do, would cause the Sage his life, and begged that the younger twin would take him back to his home as soon as it occured, so that he could pass on gifts to his two sons. The younger brother nodded, and allowed the Sage to use his ability known as the "Creation of All Things" to separate the beast. What he meant to do was separate the beast into 9 different monsters of Chakra, but at the last second, he thought better, and sent a silent message to Yang, before tearing Yin and Yang apart. He cast away Yang onto his brother's side of the world, and then quickly, tore the Yin side into nine, releasing them unto the Shinobi world, and then the Sage took the now empty body of the Ten-Tails and used the Chibaku Tensei to seal it into the moon.

His twin, seeing that his beloved older brother had done what he had set out to do, quickly called upon his affinity, Air, to lift the Shinobi, and send him to his sons, to bestow upon them, their long awaited gifts of body and sight. As soon as Air left to do his bidding, and the nine beasts scattered, the younger brother called upon Air once more, as well as the other 4 elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit, to tear the world apart, and create barriers, so that the Shinobi would never be able to find Yang, and attempt to merge the tailed beasts together again.

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